Smartphones in general seem to have taken on a very similar design to each other regardless of manufacturer, the majority of new release smartphones look very similar to the coveted Apple iPhone, however the resemblances stop there as technology is still advancing at an unstoppable rate and the manufacturers are managing to cram in more and more features making these phones more useful than ever.

The latest addition to the Samsung smartphones range is the new Samsung i900 Omnia 8GB, this new model follows on from the release of a 16GB edition and holds the same great features and technology as the previous model.

The exterior styling is still in the basic form of the aforementioned iPhone, however Samsung have packed these new devices to the rafters with new technology and some awe inspiring features. The 8GB version of the Samsung Omnia offers all of the same features as the 16GB, the only difference is the size of the internal memory.

For those who enjoy uploading lots of music and applications as well as storing lots of photographs and video clips the 16GB edition will serve well, for those who use their mobile phone primarily for calls, text and email then the slightly cheaper 8GB version will more then suffice.

With pretty much everything you could want from a mobile phone, the Samsung SGH-I900 offers some major features. Ideal for business users, the Samsung I900 comes with a built-in GPS receiver and powered by Windows Mobile 6.1 PocketPC operating system.

UMTS/HSDPA enabled with 3G connectivity and inclusive of WiFi capabilities, the Samsung I900 includes a 5 mega pixel camera with autofocus, video capture & playback and a massive 8GB internal memory with the option for further expansion. It is also worth noting that the microSD card slot will apparently support microSDHC cards as well.

It would not be complete without Bluetooth for wireless data transfers of files and images to compatible devices within a 10 metres radius and handsfree voice calling. The Music Player is accompanied by an FM Radio for tuning into your favourite radio stations or catching up on the latest news and sports headlines.

The 3.5 inch touchscreen is a good size for browsing online, viewing documents and catching up on emails, plus images can be viewed with a far greater quality and clarity however the screen on the Samsung i900 will include Gesture Control which is fantastic news.

Other features of the Samsung i900 include TV Out, RSS Reader, MSN Messenger, Google Maps and Video Streaming abilities. Impressive to say the least, Samsung have also managed to give this smartphone not just a great spec but a high quality superior design that truly does make it worthy of its status as a high end device.

The Samsung Omnia i900 8GB has now been made available on Orange contract deals in the UK, it is expected that further networks will be offering this new smartphone very soon. The 16GB i900 is currently only available on O2 but again the UK networks are expected to be picking up this new model as well.

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