Canadian store fixtures serve the basic function of holding and displaying items in stores. It is an ideal way to attract customers to buy products on display. The fixtures are available in different types, models, sizes, and shapes. You can find them in unique designs and personalized styles. The fixtures can be free standing or fixed. Free standing fixtures are standalone models, and are convenient for stores with less space. Free standing ones come with wheels for easy transportation. Fixed fixtures are placed on walls or floors for permanent use.

Canadian store fixtures are made of different materials; it could be metal, wood or acrylic. Acyclic fixtures are more commonly used because of its durability and ease in handling. Another advantage is that these fixtures are available at reasonable and affordable rates.

Like other store fixtures in the market, the length and breadth of Canadian store fixtures can be adjusted without removing the items on display. There are store fixtures for slate walls and grid walls. The capacities and prices vary with models. Mannequins, gondolas, shelves, racks, easels, display cases, and showcases are some of the commonly used store fixtures.

Canadian store fixtures are custom made according to the specific requirements of individuals. One can design or specify models that match with store furniture, walls, and roof colors. The fixtures are custom made for retail stores, trade shows, and exhibition stalls.

There are a number of manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers of new and used store fixtures throughout Canada. Ontario Store Fixtures in Weston is one of the leading manufacturers of store fixtures in Canada. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Eddie’s Hang Up Display Ltd is one of the largest fixture distributors in western Canada.

They have over 2500 store fixtures and retail supply products.

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