#ArrestKohli Trends after Virat Fan Murders Rohit Sharma Supporter in Tamil Nadu

Friend or Foe?

Many times, cricketing passion and fans’ following of a particular become agony in real life. The unfortunate incident that happened this week in Tamil Nadu caused one person’s murder by his own friend as a result of a hot drunken debate over Rohit Sharma Vs Virat Kohli- who is the best player? Last Tuesday night nearby the open area of the SIDCO Industrial estate near Mallur.

This has resulted in a Twitter buzz on Saturday morning with the trending hashtag#ArrestKohli as a base for this shameless act. The impact on social media was natural and sudden following the incident. But followers must control their uneven feelings.

Both friends P Vignesh and S Dharmaraj are from Poyyur village in Ariyalur District. S Dharmaraj is of 21 years and a fan follower of Virat Kohli and the RCB Team. The victim P Vignesh was a fan follower of Rohit Sharma and the Mumbai Indians, team. He was waiting for his Singapore work Visa and was about to fly for the same in near future.

The local police got informed about the dead body of 24-year-old ITI pass-out boy P Vignesh by some workers going to their daily work via the SIDCO area near Mallur.

Details of the incidence

Both friends had enough liquor on Tuesday night. They started with heated arguments on their favorite IPL Teams RCB and Mumbai Indians performances. Earlier P Vignesh taunted S Dharmaraj by relating the RCB Team and his favorite Virat Kohli. P Vignesh always used to tease Dharmaraj about his body shaming and stammering habit. On that day, he passed on remarks to the RCB Team in connection with his speaking inability of Dharmaraj. This made Dharmaraj enraged with anger and he busted a bottle on the head of P Vignesh. Afterward, Dharmaraj hit P Vignesh with a Cricket Bat in his head. P Vignesh suddenly failed down on the spot.

Keelapalur Police is doing further investigations into this and the accused S Dharmaraj has been remanded in judicial custody.

This shows the act out of immaturity with an overloaded passion for cricket and cricketers causing a crime with your near ones in the moment of a sudden outburst of anger.

It’s just a game of victory and loss, not valuable over any human’s life.

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