The Importance of Radio in Local Advertising

One of the first considerations a newly established business must deal with in its budget is advertising. Local advertising is a must to get out the name, location and type of business. There are myriad avenues for a new business to get out such information. There are phone book advertisements, mailing circulars, billboards, newspaper ads, signage at local school sporting events, television commercials and radio advertising.

A business owner must usually try several of these to see what type return they get for the dollars invested. One of the better bargains still available is the use of local radio stations. Advertising for local customers via the radio airwaves is generally a good bargain. An establishment can not only get out their message in a randomly-placed 30-second commercial, but the medium offers other areas of helping the local business as well.

Consideration should be given to remote broadcasts at a new business location. The local radio personality is on site, inviting listeners to stop by for promotions, coupons, special deals or even grand opening giveaways. In between news, music or talk programs, the local announcer is informing listeners about the bargains to be had, location of the new business, a possible interview with the owner and the importance of coming in during the remote time period. It is an excellent method for an introduction to the public.

Local stations are a lifeline for residents with area or regional news, weather information and school sports scores. Many businesses, such as barbershops, local hardware stores and doctor’s or dentist’s offices have local stations playing in the background. There are opportunities for the business to promote advertising for local customers on a daily or weekly basis rather than the one-shot newspaper ad or mailed circular.

School sporting events are a great method of using radio for local advertising. School games are quite often broadcast live across the airwaves. Parents, school personnel and literally thousands of interested fans will listen in to such events and hear radio spots during breaks in the game. These same stations promote their sports broadcast at various times in the week leading up to the event. Quite often, sponsors names are mentioned along with the event promotion, thus giving the business added exposure to the local audience.

Radio stations are self-promoting on a daily basis. While promoting themselves, they are, in turn, promoting their commercial sponsors along the way. Advertising for local consumers by way of radio is a definite method worthy of consideration.

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