Mountain Bikes – Are They Really For You?

One of the most enjoyable sports that you might want to indulge in is cross country or off-road cycling. It is an exhilarating and vigorous activity that requires a great amount of concentration, as well as stamina and strength, to enable the cycling enthusiast to finish the whole stretch of the path they intend to traverse. If you are one of those who are seriously considering on adopting this sports activity, then it is important to know some facts about mountain biking to determine if this is really for you, or if you are up to the rigorous activities that this particular sport offers.

Mountain biking, or off-road cycling, is usually done with mountain bikes specifically designed to withstand the rigidity of the path that you will be dealing with. These mountain bikes are usually good in negotiating steep declines, dirt trails, rocks and washouts, logging roads, uneven roads, and just about any type of path which you will most definitely encounter when you are on an off-road foray. The wheels of these mountain bikes stand at twenty six inches in diameter and its tires are normally wide to enable you to get a good grip even on uneven terrain. Its body is also constructed in a manner that it can absorb bumps and shocks that these uneven paths may bring.

Most mountain bikes also have different sets of gears at its rear wheel which allows the cycling enthusiasts to change gears as they see fit just like what you do with motorcycles or cars when going on an uphill climb or downhill slide. These gears are especially helpful when you are trying to speed up, or relieve the stress on your legs by lowering the gears and make it very light to pedal.

The handlebars on the mountain bikes are straight metals, approximately four to six inches wider than the shoulders of the cyclist, and in turn is attached to the body of the bike in such a way that the cyclist would have to bend over a little bit just to have a good grip on it. You might think that it would be a very uncomfortable position but you would be surprised to find out that it is exactly the opposite. In fact, this bending position can help you cut through the wind drag more efficiently than when you are in a straight posture.

Mountain cycling is a great way to enjoy your weekends. Not only will you allow yourself to see splendid sceneries as you go on that cross country endeavor, you will also accord yourself a marvelous and enjoyable exercise which could greatly benefit your body.

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