Few of us have the budget to spend around $4,000 on a treadmill. But, if you’re one of the lucky few, a Landice treadmill should be on your list of treadmills. To help you decide, here are some trade and consumer reviews and ratings.

The company have been making treadmills – and only treadmills – for over 35 years. Very few other sports equipment manufacturers can claim to only specialize in one type of machine. And, few can match it, in terms of build quality, performance and prestige.

What makes a Landice treadmill one of the best on the market is because its philosophy seems to be to put excellent parts into its treadmills and keeping the design very simple.

However, let’s first explain the different models of available. They come in two main types: the LTD (Light Commercial) is designed as a residential treadmill whereas the Club (Full Commercial) treadmill is meant for fitness clubs.

These two models come in three designs; Pro Sports Trainer, Cardio Trainer and Executive Trainer. The only difference between them, apart from price, is the display. The Pro Sports Trainer has a very basic display, while the display on the Executive is awesome.

There are three models of treadmill available; the L7, L8 and L9.

The L7 model is available in the LTD (Light Commercial) and Club (Full Commercial) versions.

The L8 model is available in the LTD (Light Commercial) version only.

The L9 model is available in the Club (Full Commercial) version only.

There are not many trade or customer reviews of Landice Treadmill on the web. However, I’ve managed to find the following.

These comments are from epinions.com and are of customers who actually bought and used a L7 treadmill.

‘This is the best treadmill; you would find it in your local health club. With a lifetime warranty you might never buy another one. I love it!’

‘A lot of money but also a lot of treadmill. I’d buy it again.’

‘After testing many treadmills, the Landice L7 seems to be very well constructed, stable and durable. It has the cushioning that will keep the workout at minimal body impact. The tread-belt movement and incline elevation are very functional, quiet and smooth.’

‘The Landice L7 Sport Pro Trainer is the ideal treadmill for runners. It doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles, but it outperforms all the others where counts…quality and mechanics.’

This comment comes from a review on treadmillsensei.com – a site owned by a guy with over 20 years experience in the industry.

‘when you run on the Landice L7 Pro Sport you will see no shake in the uprights or console, and you’ll find the frame and base to be the most sturdy you’ve ever run on…..[Landice treadmills] are like tanks…if tanks were designed and built by BMW that is.’

Finally, we have this comment from The Treadmill Doctor.

‘Unless you can get a great deal on another treadmill in this price range, Landice is the way to go.’

All of the above comments were in praise of the company’s equipment, but what about negative comments? Are there any? Well, yes there is and they nearly all have to do with the warranty. The company’s machines do come with one of the best warranties in the industry, but many complain about the disclaimers and loopholes. Read this comment from epinions.com for example.

‘As a company and as to their company policies, Landice has proved itself to be operating in a very deceptive manner, selling through dealers who do not disclose Landice’s policies and then totally failing to honor their commitments as stated on their dealer’s disclosures. I would not do business with either Landice or any dealer selling Landice products ever again’

Reviews of the company’s equipment are general very positive about quality and performance and the overall rating of its equipment is exceptionally high. However, there are major concerns from customers about the lifetime warranty offered by the company. My advice is to make absolutely sure you read the guarantee policy and insist that the authorized dealer explains all the warranty requirements to you so that you are fully what you’ll actually be covered for.

But, if you don’t get any problems soon after installation, you’ll probably have years of trouble-free use. My overall rating of the Landice treadmill is 4.5 out of 5.

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