Everything You Should Know About the BIC Sport ACS Wahine

With the numerous styles and shapes of surfboards in the market, you may encounter some difficulties in choosing the best one for your needs. Typically, you should consider your skill level when you want to purchase the ideal surfboard. For instance, beginners might opt to use a funboard or longboard that comes in small and medium sizes. As your skills advances, you may choose another surfboard shape that is suitable to your level.

The BIC sport ACS Wahine comes with numerous features that appeal to beginners and professional surfers. It uses industry-standard materials that ensure the overall quality and durability of the surfboard. Read along and find out more about what you can expect from this ACS surfboard.

Excellent Features and Benefits

The BIC sport ACS Wahine is suitable for surfers who look for a high-performance and durable board. Among the top features of this surfboard include the following:

1. High quality and top performance board

The ACS Wahine surfboard is suitable for experienced surfers with intermediate to advanced skill levels. The 7’9″ board is ideal for lightweight and small surfers, while professional surfers will appreciate the great features of shorter surfboards.

2. Durable and versatile

The surfboard comes with durable materials and superior construction. Moreover, it is versatile, bullet-proof and easy to maneuver. The BIC sport ACS Wahine also offers superb stability and flotation features, which makes it quite ideal to use whether you are a pro or beginner.

3. Innovative construction technology

The ACS Wahine boards are made by using a special molded polyethylene material for the exterior that is filled with polyurethane foam. The materials ensure the sturdy construction of the surfboard, so it is not prone to damages and dings.

4. Exquisite design and style

This quality surfboard comes with fabulous designs that add an interesting appeal and exceptional value. In addition, the Wahini collection is available in various sizes that make the product suitable to individuals with different surfing levels. The boards are also customizable while retaining the vital technical aspects that ensure maneuverability and convenience.

Great Quality and Durable Surfboards

The BIC sport ACS Wahini range comes with features that make the product line appealing to several professional and amateur surfers. The shape is ideal for beginners, so they can enjoy the easy progression and maneuverability of the boards. Moreover, the materials used are durable and top-quality, which ensure the excellent condition of the board even after several years.

The ACS surfboard collection provides beginners and professional surfers an outstanding and versatile board at a reasonable price. You can choose from different sizes and designs that meet your preference and standards. Furthermore, you will appreciate the lightweight and high performance quality of these boards by BIC Sport.

Bottom Line

While you may find different types of surfboards in the market, you need to consider your surfer level and needs when choosing the perfect board to purchase. BIC Sport offers an extensive selection of surfboard designs and sizes that will meet your standards and expectations for a remarkable surfing experience.

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