THERE IS AN ETIQUETTE among moto riders: When they see a single a different on the road, they exchange a slight but meaningful wave with the remaining hand—something to the effect of yo.

When I noticed the dude on the comprehensive-dresser Harley-Davidson Electra Glide at the intersection—his woman enthroned on the back again, his face protected with a grinning-cranium kerchief—I sensed an approaching social problem. In the presence of what appeared to be Darth Vader on prom night time, the 2022


Navi mini motorbike I was driving seemed trifling and toylike. I fretted, would the Harley rider accept anybody so feebly mounted?

The gentle turned inexperienced. As I gassed the very little bike by way of the intersection—its 109-cc motor emitting a kazoo-like exhaust note—he gave me a nod and wave. That felt definitely fantastic. Hell yeah, brother. I’ll catch you at the roadhouse.

Just one of Honda’s globally well known miniMOTO collection of city two-wheelers, the minor Navi arrived at U.S. dealerships in January swinging a large bat: an MSRP of only $1,807. Assembled for U.S. markets in Mexico, with produced-by-the-million components collected from Honda’s global suppliers, the Navi is amid other points a interesting case in point of penny-sensible engineering.

The solution transient: Transportation expenditures are likely up all over the entire world. Young urbanites are driving the sector for low-cost, easy-to-trip bikes and scooters but the U.S. industry is much less scooter-curious. The Navi—with ownership and operating costs low plenty of to rival general public transportation—is aimed at younger men and women and new riders, using the time-honored technique of currently being inexpensive and awesome.

DIAL M FOR MINI The Honda Navi scooter design and style blurs the distinctions among motorcycles and scooters. Notable for its class are the traditional headlight nacelle with built-in devices, tubular handlebars and motorbike-type hand controls.



No knowledge needed. Just sit on the issue, press the electric powered begin button and wring the ideal hand grip. I left the exam bicycle sitting down in the lawn for a thirty day period, and when I commenced it, it wheezed to lifetime right away, like it had been warm all alongside. The Navi takes advantage of a repeatedly variable transmission, so no equipment shifting and no hand clutch. The vehicle’s geometry—71.1 inches very long over a 50.6-inch wheelbase, with 3.2 inches of front trail and 30.1-inch seat height—makes the Navi easily rideable and completely docile. You could possibly operate the tires by paint and signal your name in cursive on the avenue.

The Navi is a lot more than a low-priced scooter—you can order those people on Amazon all day long—it’s a Honda, with a warranty, dealerships and all the things. Here and there, the spending plan bite marks display: The Navi has stamped metal wheels, as opposed to wire spoke or solid alloys it is fitted with drum brakes, entrance and rear, not discs it’s propelled by a 109-cc four-stroke solitary with a 16mm carburetor—leading to the to start with right trailing-throttle backfire I have heard in a when.

Even so, a good little bit of Honda’s collection-manufacturing bike DNA has been spliced into the Navi’s double-helix. The Navi has an inverted telescopic fork entrance suspension and (offset) coil-in excess of rear monoshock. Take note the integrated bodywork, the growing tank profile. It capabilities a headlight nacelle with integrated instruments, right turn alerts, tubular handlebars and motorcycle-fashion grip controls. The Navi uses a “top bar” frame, as when compared to a scooter with a phase-via design. As an alternative of floorboards and a decrease front fairing, the Navi has hinged footpegs. A big clunky silencer sticks out earlier the rear wheel.

The cantilevered saddle is extensive sufficient for two-up riding (passenger footpegs are common), so your mother can decide on you up from reform college.

Avenue Stylish The Honda Navi ($1,807 MSRP) provides its miniaturized sport-bicycle styling to a expanding U.S. scooter industry. Visual cues incorporate the (offset) coil-above monoshock rear suspension, the popular exhaust silencer, the license-plate bracket and the sharply cantilevered seat.



The cheat-code styling would make the Navi’s presentation much less like a scooter and much more like a superbike of elfish proportions. In the put exactly where activity bikes keep their engines, the Navi has a lockable storage compartment big ample to cram in footwear, textbooks or laptops (but not a comprehensive-experience helmet).

The wee-magical sportbike seems more substantial than it is, specifically if there is absolutely nothing about the Navi to give it scale. I noticed myself reflected in a glass storefront, and I appeared to be 8 toes tall.

Alas, the complete-agro styling writes checks that the Navi just cannot cash—not in bone-inventory type, anyway. The small pumper’s around 5 horsepower goes via a centrifugal clutch, the CVT and remaining belt drive, all of which conspire to give the Navi an off-the-line acceleration that is, um, carefully progressive? Because of the Navi’s centrifugal clutch, all standing commences commence from a puttering idle.

I saw myself on the

little Navi, reflected

in a glass storefront,

and I appeared to be

8 toes tall.

The Navi is meant to have a prime pace of 50 mph. I observed 45 mph following about a half-minute at madness-inducing huge-open up throttle. To hit 50 mph, a single would require the Bonneville Salt Flats and a bucket of bear grease.

Honda hopes the Navi will encourage the exact sort of grassroots tuner lifestyle that saw purchasers incredibly hot-rodding its Grom and Ruckus products. The lower setting up selling price presents scooter-freaks a canvas to make the miniMOTO of their goals, paycheck by paycheck. Below are a pair of possible updates I’d contemplate: Changing the large canister muffler with one thing a little a lot less restrictive of exhaust-gasoline flow—like a soup can. That would probably buy an additional ½-hp. Larger carbs couldn’t hurt.

Or could they? Just after all, velocity is not the Navi’s finest pal. With its modest suspension vacation (3.5/2.8 inches f/r) and little wheels, the Navi will get progressively far more jittery, even jumpy, about rough pavement the more quickly you go and at increased speeds hitting a pothole squarely can rattle your eyeballs.

I may possibly do some thing about the drum-model brakes. They are quite tender. The Navi’s front and rear brakes are mechanically linked, so that depressing the rear brake foot lever (on the proper) also progressively engages the front brake, supporting fewer-professional riders avoid locking the wheels underneath braking. But that margin of regulate will come at the value. Riders accustomed to contemporary motorcycles should really incorporate several vehicle lengths to their common following distances.

Slow down, I instructed myself. And really don’t neglect to wave.

2022 Honda Navi

Feeling 8 Toes TALL The Honda Navi is just one of Honda’s globally popular miniMOTO series of city two-wheelers, which includes the Grom. Honda notes that the Navi’s reduced price tag and running fees mean it is competitive with commuting charges of experience-sharing and community transportation.



Foundation MSRP: $1,807

Motor/drive: Air-cooled 109-cc OHC one-cylinder motor with 16mm carburetors centrifugal clutch constantly variable transmission rear belt generate.

Power/torque: 5 hp (est.)

Wheelbase/seat peak: 50.6/30.1 inches

Curb weight: 236 lbs

Rake/trail: 27.5 levels/3.2 inches

Best speed: 50 mph (est)

EPA fuel overall economy: 110.3 mpg

Cargo potential: 15 liters

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