Why You Need Bicycle Goggles

Cycling without any eye protection is pretty much going against the main purpose of kitting yourself up with a bicycle outfit and bicycle helmet. These gears are designed specifically to protect the rider from the elements, so it would only make sense to venture out when you are fully dressed, rather than leaving one vital part of your body exposed. Bicycle goggles are designed to protect the eyes of the rider, and that’s pretty important as you definitely need your vision to be in tip-top condition to avoid cycling into an accident.

Protection from the Sun

The problem with bicycle sunglasses is that tinted glasses are actually pretty hard to see through unless you are cycling in sunny weather. As clouds come and go in the sky, the eyesight of the cyclists will also vary according to the available light passing through the lens. Trying on any other type of goggles such as those worn by basketball players are not exactly suitable for bicycle rides either as those are not design to keep wind out of your eyes when you ride at high speeds. Needless to say, cycling with dried eye balls is not only painful, but is also detrimental to your vision.

Protection from the Wind

When you go at high speeds, lots of tiny particles will be grazing against your face, and bicycle goggles are one of the best methods of keeping your eyeballs protected. A decent pair of goggles should come with treated lenses that will remain scratch-proof as with normal spectacles, it could get pretty uncomfortable trying to see around fine lines on the lenses of your goggles.

Protection from Perspiration

Another big problem with bicycle sunglasses is that they don’t do much about stopping your own sweat from dripping into your eyeballs. Salty liquid finding its way into one of your most exposed organs is not only stingingly painful, but it will also interrupt your cycling for quite a while. On the other hand, goggles are fitted around your eye area to protect them even from your forehead sweat. Conveniently, there are also bicycle goggles that come with sponges to absorb your sweat.

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