What is a Betting Arbitrage?

Sport betting arbitrage (also called a sure bet) is a kind of a bet which gives you the 100% chance of the win independently of who will win the particular sport event.

Imagine a tennis match between two players: A and B. You have found the bookmaker which gives odds 2,05 on Player A and 1,90 on Player B. The other bookmaker’s odds are respectively 1,80 on Player A and 2,05 on Player B. You may notice that if you bet 100 USD at the first bookmaker on Player A and 100 USD at the second bookmaker on Player B you will gain 205 USD if Player A will win and 205 USD if Player B will win the match. So you had to stake 200 USD and you gain 205 USD – it is 5 USD bonus.

In a real life you will probably meet a slightly more complicated examples of sure bets. Imagine that there is a match between Player A and Player B again. The first bookmaker gives the odds 1,72 on Player A and the odds 2,20 on Player B. The other bookmaker have 1,55 on player A and 2,50 on Player B.

Firstly you have to check if the bookmakers odds make a sure bet. For doing that you will have to find the highest odds on each of the players. Of course these odds are 1,72 at the first bookmaker on Player A and 2,50 at the second bookmaker on Player B. Now you have to pick a sum which you want to have at the end of the betting. Let it be 100 USD. Now some calculations:

100/1,72 + 100/2,50 = 98,1395

The result is lesser than the number you have picked so the founded odds make a betting arbitrage. This result means that you will have to bet a little more than 98 USD to have 100 USD.

If you would like to know how much you should bet at each of the players you need to make some more calculations:

* 100/1,72 = (approx) 58,14 USD on Player A at the first bookmaker.
* 100/2,50 = 40 USD on Player B at the second bookmaker.

After betting in this way you need not to be afraid of the result of the outcome – you will win almost 2 USD regardless of that.

Earning money by using a betting arbitrage is pretty easy – but you need to have some knowledge about it and some experience in using that system.

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