Used Tandem Bicycles

Used tandem bicycles are an affordable option to buying one new. You can usually save between 50 and 75 percent off list price by buying a tandem that has been used. However, before you buy a used bike it is important that you examine it.

First of all look at its appearance. Look for paint chips, rust spots, missing accessories, dents and scratches. If the bike looks overly worn then chances are the mechanics are also going to be in bad shape. Next you will want to examine the bike’s mechanics. Make sure the timing chain is making both cranks turn at the same time, that the steering is easy to use and that the bike can be peddled easily. Also test the shifting. Remember to try all of the gears. Finally, when you are test riding the tandem, make sure that the bike doesn’t wobble, that the frame doesn’t flex and the ride is relatively smooth.

Before buying a used tandem bicycle you will also want to do a little background research on the models you are interested in. First of all you will want to make sure that there is a user’s manual or repair manual still available. This will help you to diagnose and fix common problems that tandems can develop. Next you will want to make sure that your tandem is common enough to make finding parts easy to do.

The final consideration that you will want to make before selecting a used tandem bicycle to buy is the type of tandem you are interested in. There are several types to choose from including upright tandems, recumbent tandems, tricycle tandems and bicycle tandems. Base your selection on the number of people that will be using the tandem, by the ages of the tandem riders and the style of biking you and your family are most comfortable with.

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