Some people require a hefty amount of adrenaline from the sport that they love. These mini dirt bike racers compete on the track but they still look for that heavy rush of adrenaline so some of these professional dirt bike riders perform stunts and tricks. These stunts are fairly difficult to perform. From basic 15 foot jumps, to a 360 back flip. They take dirt bike competition to a whole new level, where these stunts and tricks competition score your for stunt uniqueness or difficulty. So here are some of the names of the stunts and tricks that mini dirt bike riders perform.

Can-Can: This is a Stunt or trick that is also performed during track races whenever a biker jumps over a high ramp. This trick is performed by getting your other leg to go over to the other side of the bike where both legs are now on one side of your bike. Sounds easy enough but here is the kicker, you have to do this stunt while you’re airborne, plus points to the rider who can perfectly execute the stunt and land without any flops.

The Cliffhanger: A stunt that is very dangerous and is only performed by trained professionals. This is a stunt where you stand up while airborne with your toes under the handlebars while standing straight with your arms raised up your head. Stunt riders do this only when they have calculated to have enough air time to perform this trick. Failure to perfectly execute this stunt would result in very serious physical harm. That is why these professionals train and practice hard for these stunts to avoid any mishap when they perform the actual trick in front of a live audience or on television.

The Coffin: This is also one of the more dangerous stunts a rider can perform with his mini dirt bike as he cannot see in front of him for this requires the biker to lay on his back at his bikes seat. The rider performs this stunt by lying on his back at his bikes seat while his feet are below the handle bars and his head near the tail light. The rider must time his ascent and execution so that he may calculate when to get back to his normal position and land safely on the ground. If the biker miscalculates for just a second or two then he would be off to the E.R in a couple of minutes.

Dead Body: One of the popular stunts that a biker performs, this is a bit simple than the other three but can also be dangerous if not executed right. The rider jumps off from a high ramp, does some air time where he extends his legs to his back seat kind of like Superman flying then lands safely on the ground. It sounds a bit easy but the biker requires a tremendous amount of practice to perform this stunt perfectly otherwise it would end up in a disastrous accident.

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