The electra mini bike stands out from other mini bikes because of its dirt bike appeal, but that’s not everything. It is a master on dirt trials and great for rough terrain. It has an electric start and is easy to maneuver on dirt trails. Racetracks are an ideal place for riding this mini bike. Riders should be cautious and always follow rules and procedures when racing dirt bikes. Wear helmets and protective gear is just one safety tip. Outrageous stunting is not recommended for any kind of mini bike. Riders who don’t follow guidelines can be seriously injured. Use common sense when riding a motorized electra mini bike or dirt bike. Getting injured is not worth the 5 minutes of fame you might get for performing an extreme stunt.

One example of an electra mini bike is the Electra 49.5 cc dirt bike, which is available at . This mini dirt bike has several features including: 49.5 cc 2-cycle engine, front and rear drum brakes, a full suspension, side exhaust and kickstand and 2.5 in X 10 in knobby tires. The Electra dirt bikes can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and can hold up to 220 lbs. It has a truck ship and is recommended for riders ages 16 and up. It also has a horn, a handlebar mounted kill switch and soft grips for a comfortable ride. This mini bike is for off-road use only it is not made to ride on public streets or in traffic for any reason.

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