The sports bets industry has developed a lot over the last few years and has stirred the interest of more and more people. This true social phenomenon can be classified as an industry as it generates huge profits for the owners and as it is very widely spread, each city having at least two betting agencies per square metre. You don’t need more than five minutes to find a betting agency wherever you are, these being strategically located near the most important attractions, near schools and in or on the outskirts of all neighbourhoods.

The number of bets placed doubles every year, people usually betting somewhere around a euro on every ticket and over sixty millions tickets being placed, which leads the value of this market to an incredible fifty million dollars. This very profitable business is divided between the private betting agencies and the National Lottery. There are also smaller agencies which only have significant profits at local level, but online betting is also more and more popular. There is no rule about the social environments betters come from and there is no rule when it comes to their age either. Of course, the under aged kids are allegedly not allowed to bet, but the reality has nothing to do with this. All betters try to use their knowledge in the field of sports in order to make money. Some are satisfied with making small amounts of money, while others crave for more and more, which leads people to confessing that they usually invest a lot of money and win very little.

Thus, people’s interest in sports has increased, but it is better to say that their interest in statistics, rankings and money has increased. Therefore, sports are now more like an exact science, which requires a lot of analyses and a lot of background.

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