Somalife Review – What’s The Real Deal With Somalife gHP Sport?

Somalife International was founded in British Columbia and is now located in several countries worldwide. These countries include The U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines and Costa Rica. It’s main product, gHP Sport claims to have increasing levels of testosterone for the human body in capsule form in which they say is supposed to promote a wide variety of improvements for one’s own over all well being.

Swallowing the capsules six times a day is recommended by the company for maximum results. Somalife prides itself on their products offering weight loss, and improving one’s overall appearance. They say a direct result from taking the products will give a person more energy, improving overall daily performance and it’s supposed to aid in a regular good night of sleep. However, there has been some controversy with this company in regards to side effects from the product.

There have been allegations which lead to accusations of the company’s products having “strong side effects.” Rumor has it that the products can cause a number of things such as liver problems if not taken exactly as directed regarding the recommended doses. They’ve also been accused of of the products causing baldness long term along with acne from raising the levels of testosterone in the body. It has also been rumored that other side effects include Prostate issues in men who have a higher level of testosterone and also reported changes in behavior such as becoming more aggressive or having feelings of aggression, anxiety or depression. Despite these allegations, nothing has been proven in regards to these issues and the company continues to hold strong to their convictions of being able to improve upon one’s overall health. Somalife has had plenty of success as a company and continues to grow. They offer a company opportunity as with most multi level marketing companies (MLM).

Whether or not a product is successful or not isn’t particularly the determining factor in having success with Somalife or any other MLM for that matter. Let’s face it, you can have the cream of the crop product line, however, if you lack the skill set to promote that product, then it can certainly become a waste of valuable time and money invested. All companies will promote their products any way they can and it will always be favorable, of course, because, they’re trying to sell that product. But if they don’t have a fantastic marketing campaign, that product will just sit on the shelf. It’s the same with multi level marketing, you have to know how to place your business in front of millions of people everyday 24/7 in order to get top results. Although there are many MLM’s to choose from and many companies who teach you how to grow them, one must always keep in mind that it’s hard work growing a company, but, it can be even harder if you lack the knowledge to make it happen. Having the proper skill set is key and having a keen sense of awareness is also helpful.

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