During the 70s, BMX bikes were a rage among junior high school kids. But as the decade progressed into the 80s, jumps, wheelies and many other tricks became an important aspect of BMX riding. At that time, BMX bikes were not advanced and the protective gears were nearly nonexistent. Accidents occurred, bikes broke and riders got hut. Sometimes seriously!

Then came the 90s and the BMX riders pushed themselves to new tricks and an extreme edge of danger. Accidents were frequent and serious injury was an everyday thing. Riders and manufactures soon realized the need for proper protection. Firstly because one needs to stay safe in order to continue BMX riding and secondly to avoid negative publicity.

Whatever the reason for inception of protective gear was, it has now become a mandatory requirement for all BMX riders. Whether the BMX rider is just a beginner learning to ride his first bike or a young rider showing off his expertise in performing tricks, few basic protective gears are essential to offer him safety and protection.

A BMX helmet is an essential protective gear for all kinds of BMX riders. The helmet protects your head from injuries, trauma and restricts the severity of head injuries. Full face BMX helmets are used by riders looking for complete face protection. They have a chin bar and additional coverage area for greater protection. The full face BMX helmet is also helpful in protecting the neck and spine against injuries.

A good quality full face BMX helmet should at least meet CPSC safety standards before they are sold. The most advanced safety standard is ASTM. This is found only in very high quality and advanced full face BMX helmets. An open face BMX helmets costs around $30 whereas an average full face BMX helmet cost at $80.

BMX pads like knee pads and elbow pads protect your knees and elbows against injuries. It is a good idea to buy a combo kit including all kind of pads in order to save money. Freestylers and racers should stick to high quality pads for advanced protection. Cost of elbow pads start from $18 and knee pads from $20. You can buy combo set for around $30 – $40.

In addition the helmets and pads other important BMX gears, include gloves, tailbone protector, mouth guards, shin guards and shoes. Whether ridden for pleasure or for performing stunts, protective gears are essential for keeping riders safe and protected

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