Currently, I am preparing to cycle across America and I am still all this is in the pre-planning stages. Have not even picked out a bike, exact route, time or attire to wear. But I have been studying maps and routes and such and have a pretty good idea of the road ahead.

What route will I take you ask? Well, probably LA or San Diego to Virginia Beach then back to Washington DC. But why would someone wish to ride their bicycle across America? Well, I am just getting bored and need to do something spectacular again.

Some have asked if I am going to set up a website and Blog as I ride across America? Well, I have not set up a website, not sure if that makes sense, since I am doing this to prove it to myself not for notoriety, but if it could raise money for a charity that would be Excellent. So maybe I will.

When will I start? Well currently I have goal to clinch my title of being the most prolific online article writer in the History of the Internet and so I am considering making the trek after finishing the 10,000 th article. Of course could start next week too, good to go anytime. How long does it take to cross the country on a bicycle? Well I figure with my current physique, training and level of performance; 3-4 weeks.

So you ask what possess people to want to ride across American on a bicycle anyway? Well the comical answer is that they recalled my Segway Scooter. But the actual answer is I am 40 years old and although I already had that midlife crisis, I still have something to prove to myself. So consider this in 2006.

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