NordicTrack Treadmill Review (for Under 00): A2350

It seems like most every piece of quality fitness equipment boasts the same features these days. Technology. Functionality. Affordability. Every treadmill on the market seems to promise great things if you stick to a faithful routine, and truthfully, they’re probably all correct. Some do it better than others, but the truth remains the same. Still, there is something to be said for a treadmill that takes a greater interest in making you all that you can be. With the A2350, you get exactly that with a unique feature that many treadmills simply do not include: the Fitness Age Center.

With the Fitness Age Center, all you have to do is provide basic details about yourself, and the treadmill will do the rest, assigning you a Fitness Age that you will be able to track over time. Your Fitness Age tells a story about the progress you are making in your exercise goals. The harder you work, and the more often you hit the treadmill, the better your Fitness Age will fare, and the better it gets means the better you are!

Along with the Fitness Age Center, the A2350 also offers you theater quality sound for your music and entertainment needs. Plug your iPod into the treadmill directly and say goodbye to headphones forever! After all, it is very easy for you to go that extra mile, when you aren’t focused on how badly the previous ones hurt.

The A2350 NordicTrack treadmill gives you every tool you need to get the most out of your workout, and it does so at a cost that is one of the most affordable from the company that has forged a reputation as a leader in the home fitness equipment arena. Buy yours, and experience the difference.

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