For those of us who have been married for a long time, we are obviously used to the fact that we have this other person to cherish and provide for, but as time passes, what can we do to keep the relationship a happy and loving one, which will still also be a lot of fun? Well, a happy marriage can be compared to riding a bicycle, and while this may seem odd to you, here I’ll explain why.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to compare your husband or wife to an old bicycle, well maybe a little, but just as you would look after your bike as it ages, so you must take extra moments to show your loved one that you care. Here are a few pedals that you could turn:

Riding a bicycle is the most natural of tasks to undertake, once your mom or dad has taken off the stabilizers of course. You just zoom off, then there’s no stopping you. That is the same when you first get married, it’s such a wonderful feeling, the honeymoon, being together and then you are both on your way to ride into the sunset of marital bliss. So, for your relationship to remain exciting, keep in your thoughts when you first learned to ride, and equate it with when you first wed. The next step is for you both to think about where you are now and how far you have advanced. This thought will re-affirm your love for each other and should also bring a smile to your faces, just like when you were kids.

Have a tune up once in a while. When you feel a little lacklustre, it may be time to organise a break away, or a change of scene. Just like oiling your bicycle chain, a trip away or a treat will loosen you and your partner up and stop the rust from setting in. When you return, you will feel relaxed and in a better position again to cope with the daily routine, with that renewed gusto.

Change gear if you are fighting an uphill battle. As you would move into an easier gear on your bicycle to get up that hill, so change to a lighter approach if you can sense a bit of tension building up between you and your loved one. Arguments aren’t pleasant, and by adopting a lighter attitude, you may avoid the hump and be able to sort out any issues a lot more quickly. If you remember to take this approach it should definitely help, as once the problem is sorted, it’s all free-wheeling again.

Have spares just in case. As you will need to regularly replace the tires on your bike over the years, so will you need to have back-up plans in your marriage, to keep it happy and tickety-boo. You may wish to put away some cash for a rainy day, set aside a budget for a special gift, a meal out, or try and set yourself the task of drawing up a list of things that your partner loves. Then you can treat them to each item or occasion one at a time. This will keep your marriage interesting and fun. Don’t forget the romance too, incorporating that loving feeling is important, so why not fall in love again? A special romantic gesture will always be well received. Remember then to keep spares, little treats for your better half.

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