Flat bar gravel bikes are attaining traction, which leaves the question–what to do with all the fitness hybrids? On paper, the physical fitness hybrid isn’t that significantly eliminated from a flat bar gravel bicycle, so there’s the likely for overlap.

For the reason that of that, Trek just redesigned its Forex Sport Carbon sequence to choose riders further than the pavement and onto the gravel. The new style focuses on hybrid city/rural ability, with beefier tires additionally a lot more clearance, flat bars for control, and a taller head tube for a a little much more upright experience.

trek fx sport carbon


It packs all the new abilities into a nimble, lightweight, Émonda-like health and fitness frame.

A few “gravel-ready” styles, the 4, 5, and 6 — entire the Fx Sport Carbon lineup. Here’s the rundown.

Comprehensive-carbon rapid

A light-weight 400 Collection OCLV Carbon body and fork deliver a swift visual appeal and must result in snappy acceleration as well as a easy experience with dampened vibration on washboards and bumps.


Trek says it is a lighter setup than the previous Fx Activity line with the top finish Forex Activity Carbon 6 weighing in at a claimed 9.74 kg / 21.48 lbs.

Easy gearing, gravel-ready drivetrain

A uncomplicated 1x drivetrain allows riders equipment up or down with the simplicity of a solitary shifter. The Forex Activity Carbon 5 and 6 function Shimano’s gravel-precise GRX drivetrain.

trek drivetrain

Greater Tire Clearance for Gravel Adventures

Broad all-terrain 40c gravel tires support riders undertaking off-path with self confidence. The 6 comes with light-weight and responsive Aeolus Elite carbon wheels for a high quality-status general performance enhance.

700c wheels are the conventional throughout the line. The frames are compatible with full coverage fenders and will in good shape up to a 40mm tire with fenders, or a 42mm tire devoid of.

trek gravel tires

Cargo abilities

Trek gravel fitness bike frame bag

Trek builds the Forex Activity Carbon to enable people address extended distances, so they also give it capacity for load carrying.

All Forex Activity Carbon products have mounts for a frame bag inside the entrance triangle and a rear rack. Riders also have the alternative to incorporate fenders on crafted-in mounts. Trek places the bike’s excess weight capacity (bicycle plus rider and cargo) at 300 lbs ..

trek fx sport carbon

Trek Forex Activity Carbon closing word and pricing

If you reside in a bike-all set city like Austin, Texas (pictured), and want an affordable rig to get around (and out of) city on, the Trek Forex Sport Carbon could be the ticket.

Selling prices variety from $1,700 to $2,700 MSRP dependent on capacity and possibilities.

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