Golf for Free: Golf Club Jobs

Working at a golf course can be a very beneficial experience; just the free golf alone makes it worthwhile, not to mention all the connections that can be made. Golf club jobs are perfect for teenagers looking to get into golf, retired people looking to keep busy, and anyone else looking for a second job, and some free golf. If you are interested in free golf, and are looking into applying for a job at a golf course, check out these typical golf course jobs.

Cart Attendant:

“Cart attendants” typically have the job of setting up golf carts in front of the clubhouse for usage, as well as washing the carts after golfers are through with them. Additionally, many clubs have their cart attendants carry golfers’ clubs to their carts, and sometimes clean their clubs. If the course has a driving range, they are often times responsible for picking up the balls from the range. Cart attendants potentially can make a decent amount of tips in cleaning clubs, and shagging bags. Usually you need to be at least sixteen years old to work as a cart attendant, and have a driver’s license.


If you are looking for more manual labor, there is also the maintenance staff, which works under the greens keeper/superintendent in maintaining the course. This job consists of mowing the greens, fairways, and rough, watering the course, and making sure the golf course is in good shape for play. It consists of a considerable about of labor, and I imagine could be very unbearable on an extremely hot or cold day, but the maintenance staff typically gets paid more than a cart attendant. Again, you usually need to be at least sixteen to do this job, and have a driver’s license.

Beverage Cart Driver

In order to accommodate golfers who are hungry or thirsty out on the course, most golf courses have a person who drives a beverage cart around the course selling snacks, drinks, and alcohol. The “beer girl”, as this person is commonly referred to, is typically a girl, and makes the majority of her money in tips. The beverage cart driver should be at least eighteen in order to serve alcohol and twenty-one if they are required to pour alcohol.


The ranger and starter are the people in charge of making sure the pace of play out on the course is adequate. The starter stands by the first tee, makes sure the golfers paid for their round, and tells them what time to tee off. The ranger drives around the golf course to keep the pace of play at a good rate. In my experiences, most of the rangers I have met are usually retired men, but I have seen people of all ages working as a ranger.

Clubhouse Jobs

If being outside is not for you; there are plenty of jobs available in the clubhouse. You could work as a cashier in the pro shop, a cook in the kitchen, or as a server or bartender.

There are obviously many golf club jobs available; meaning lots of opportunities for free golf! If you like to be around the sport of golf, and are looking for free golf, apply to your local golf course for a job!

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