There is a myriad of reasons to begin a fitness programme — grand or modest. Most of us could do with more exercise, and are aware of the many benefits to be reaped. It’s difficult, sometimes, to know where to start, and even harder to decide how much money to commit. There’s plenty of expensive fitness equipment sitting around unused to testify to that point. In some ways, it doesn’t make sense to invest thousands in a treadmill, for example, before you know whether it’s the right machine for you. All the reading and research in the world won’t substitute for actually using the treadmill. A wiser option might be to buy a good quality, but budget priced, treadmill to see if it’s the sort of machine that will fit into your exercise regimen? One such machine to consider is the Weslo Cadence 16.0 folding treadmill.

Fitness Equipment: Key Features of the Weslo Cadence 16.0 Folding Treadmill

For about ¬£400, you’ll get an entry-level treadmill with plenty of basic features and functions. Unlike many other budget priced treadmills in its class, the Cadence 16.0 is a sturdy machine for home users that will support jogging as well as walking. The programmes that are built into any treadmill are key factors in keeping users motivated and engaged. The Cadence 16.0 features 6 programmes, so there’s plenty of variety and challenge. The treadmill also has 2 incline positions that are manually adjustable, so you can continue to challenge yourself as your fitness level improves. With a 16kph top speed, this treadmill allows for a brisk running pace as well. Another key feature is that it folds up easily when not in use.

Fitness Equipment: More About the Weslo Cadence Treadmill

The Cadence is a durable piece of fitness equipment that has a strong, continuous duty 1.75HP motor. The incline adjusts from 0% to 6%. The LCD console display is easy to read, and reports on key parameters of your workout, including speed, time, distance, programs, calories, and heart rate. Heart rate is measured by way of a thumb pulse grip sensor. The deck measures 41cm x 127cm, and contains proprietary technology that reduces impact by about 15%, when compared to running or walking on hard surfaces outdoors. The Cadence 16.0’s assembled dimensions are 163cm long x 74cm wide x 139cm high, and it will support a maximum user weight of 125kg. A treadmill generally is a better choice than other types of fitness equipment, such as ski machines, stair climbers, exercise bicycles and elliptical trainers because there are no specialised movements required. What’s required on a treadmill is just basic and simple walking. A recent study found that working out on a treadmill like this Weslo model burns more calories than any of the machines mentioned above.

The Weslo Cadence 16.0 folding treadmill is a great, budget-friendly piece of fitness equipment that’s ideal for those just beginning a walking, jogging, or running programme.

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