Extreme Sport Challenge – What is a Lumshavak Or Lomcevak?

Many folks dream of experiencing an extreme sport, but they are too chicken to actually go for it. Some folks fancy themselves with a bungee cord strapped on and driving off a giant bridge, but still, they will never go through with it. Well, I know an extreme sport that is one that will definitely get you in hyper-adrenaline mode. It is aerobatics in a sports plane, and you can go along for the ride, well, as long as you have an empty stomach that is.

Find an aerobatics pilot that knows how to do a Lumshavak or Lomcevak (as some choose to spell it), and go experience sheer terror and all the emotions and feelings that go along with extreme sports.

What is a Lumbshavak or Lomcevak?

A Lumshavak is an aerobatic maneuver where you fly inverted and do a snap-roll, then you throw all the controls into the opposite corner and the aircraft departs flight and tumbles through the air, totally out of control. It’s insanity in flight, what does it feel like?

Total Chaos.
Out of Control.
Adrenaline rush.

The only other experience I’ve ever had like that is trying to ride a wave way above my ability and then having been crushed tumbling under the surf, wondering if this is what it is like to end, only to pop back up above the surf, okay and unscathed, thinking to yourself; wow.

Until you’ve done one or been in an aircraft that has, well, you haven’t really experienced extreme sports, so please consider all this.

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