Enjoy A Comfortable Ride While Achieving A Great Workout Using A Recumbent Bicycle

What in the world is a recumbent bicycle? The answer may surprise you. You may have ridden or used a recumbent bicycle and did not even know it.

The recumbent bicycle is a special design for a bicycle. The word recumbent means in essence: Seated in a supine position leaning back toward the back wheel while riding comfortably on bucket seats as a recumbent bicycle rider. The rider’s back is enjoying perfect support. The legs of the rider are pointed forward because the pedals and the seat are at he same level. The Steering for this type of recumbent bicycle is located above the seat. The handle bar is located in front of the rider.

Stationary bikes that are used at most gyms are actually recumbent stationary bicycles. A recumbent bike can be easily identified by the location of the seat, pedals and handle bars. Personal trainers prefer these bikes over the other sedentary bikes because these bikes will accommodate almost any fitness level.

Recumbent Bicycles have been around since around 1892. They were then were not made for over 50 years because the United Cyclists Internationale or UCI for some unknown banned the bike from any races that were under the auspices of the committee.

The bike design was on the drawing board gathering dust until 1979 when Gardner Martin produced a bike called the “Easy Racer” recumbent. Then E.I. Dupont, of the Dupont family chemical fortune offered $15,000 challenge to the man, or company who could create a human powered single rider machine that could top 65 miles per hour.

Engineers, inventors, bicycle lovers went to work to create this machine. When the dust settled and all the drawings and schematics were done, The engineers discovered that the only way to accomplish this feat was the recumbent designed bicycle.

The recumbent bicycle has a rich set of benefits for the environment and especially the rider:

1)The recumbent design aerodynamically efficient.

2) The recumbent design is comfortable.

3) There is no back pain after riding the recumbent bicycle.

4)No sore butt.

5)No stiff neck.

6)No aching shoulder.

7)No numb hands.

These bikes are ergonomically superior to the standard bike. Instead of falling to the ground tired and in pain, the rider of the recumbent bike dismounts renewed. There is very little exhaustion experienced riding the bicycle. The bicycle is a great exercise for women and men.

The recumbent bike provides a great exercise for women because the design of the bike encourages toning and tightening of the abdominal muscles. The back is not strained riding the bike. Also the seat of the bike is so comfortable that no chafing occurs as it might with the seats of standard bikes.

The bike is road worthy. It is not dangerous. in fact, the bike is considered safer than traditional bikes because the fall from the bike and rider are a short distance to the ground. The center of gravity on the bike is so balanced that the changes of falling are much less than on a traditional bank.

The bike is an amazing invention. This is an energy efficient vehicle would encourage workers to get out of their cars to ride this bike to work. Workers would no longer be held hostages by high gas prices and traffic. Who knew?

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