Definitions of Various MMA Training Gear and Fighting Gear

Mixed Martial Arts is definitely one of the fastest growing combat sports in the country or world for that matter. More and more people young and old are entering the sport everyday. As a huge fan of the sport and owner of an online MMA store and blog, I get a lot of people asking me what the best MMA training gear is. Proper and quality MMA training gear and fighting gear is essential when you start training any combat sport and especially MMA. Below is a list of fighting gear and clothing that is essential for this sport:

1. MMA Mouth Guard – An MMA Mouth Guard is perfect for keeping those pretty teeth where they belong, in your mouth! The mouth guard protects the teeth and jaw while sparring or competing and reduces the chance of concussions. A mouth guard should conform to the upper teeth so it does not obstruct breathing when the mouth is open.

2. Groin Protectors – The groin protector is usually made from multiple layers of foam surrounding a thick plastic shell, and encased in vinyl to make it very protective and durable. This guard can be worn on top of or underneath clothing.

3. MMA Rash Guards – Are moisture wicking, resist bacteria, fungus, mildew and viruses like Staph which are common in MMA dojos. Rash Guards are also odor resistant. MMA Rash Guards are built for comfort and breathe ability for maximum durability and best performance on the mat.

4. Boxing/MMA Gloves – When training MMA you will need a pair of boxing gloves for pad work, bag work and for sparring. For sparring you will want to have a pair of 16oz gloves.

5. Sparring Headgear – Sparring headgear helps protect your head by absorbing blows when training. It is a good idea to ALWAYS where headgear and mouthpiece when sparring.

6. MMA Shin Guards – When training your stand-up it is a good idea to wear shin guards. They will protect your shins from shin to shin contact, which until your shins get conditioned is very painful.

7. MMA Fight Shorts – MMA fight shorts are shorts which are specifically designed for training Mixed Martial Arts. The material is usually very flexible and the shorts will usually have waist ties and velcro closure. Some mma shorts have a split seam at the leg to allow less resistance when kicking.

8. MMA Handwraps – Handwraps are used to protect the hands from being injured. It is a good idea to always wrap your hands when doing any type of striking, such as pad work, bag work or sparring.

We help this list helps anyone that is considering taking up the sport of mma or any other combat sport for that matter.

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