Playing badminton in your lawn on a warm, sunny afternoon instead of doing chores like mowing the lawn is what many can consider recreation. With an activity like badminton which the whole family can enjoy, you can turn warm days into memories to treasure for life. Badminton is a sport that is not limited to a court; it can be played anywhere there is a badminton net set up.

To ensure that you have great afternoons spent with the family playing this sport, first, get a good, reliable net. You can purchase one at an affordable price without much hassle especially these days that many retailers provide badminton sets that come with all the things you need for an inexpensive price. Your average badminton set contains the following: rackets, birdies, the net, ropes and stakes to hold the net tight and a manual with the rules of the sport. You can buy some string and spray paint along with the set to have something to mark off boundary lines on the grass.

It will also be a good idea to buy a few extra birdies as these tend to tear easily and the ones that are included in the set you’ve bought might get worn out easy especially if you take to the sport and play it a lot. As for the badminton net, this will endure many games as this does not really see any abuse or contact when the sport is being played. The rackets may not be as lucky though and more care will be needed to preserve their longevity. Rackets may usually see wear on the handle area but this can be repaired using some hand grip replacement wrap or some athletic tape. Overall, depending on the amount of time spent playing the sport, the equipments can last many years so your family and friends can enjoy hours and hours of friendly competition and inexpensive entertainment.

Consider painting lines on the ground so everyone can easily distinguish the boundaries of the court. Lines are important in this game as they do not only provide a boundary for the game at hand, they also prevent any disagreements between players or teams when it comes to counting a point or not. It will also be a good idea to read the rules and regulations included in the set.

With a simple badminton net, you can enjoy the outdoors and the beautiful warm weather which can be healthy in many ways. Engaging in any sport can provide a fun exercise to increase your health and also to strengthen relationships.

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