A Simple Approach to the Arbitrage Betting Method

Even though it’s an unlikely and an unknown method, arbitrage in sports betting allows you to make guaranteed profits regardless of the actual outcome of an event or game. Basically, it involves taking advantage of the fact that different bookmakers will set different betting odds. Simply put, arbitrage betting is a situation when the prices of the bookmaker differ enough that he or she allows the bettor to back all the outcomes and still generate profit in the end. People also will often refer to this method as sure bets, sure wins, or arbs and this can be applied to most any sporting event such as greyhound racing, football, baseball, basketball and golf. In general, thousands of people have started using this technique for one particular purpose and that is to make some money!

Sometimes people will engage in this method knowing that with it, there is no real need for knowledge about sports or sport betting for that matter. In the end, by people using this technique they are pretty much guaranteed a chance to turn a profit every single time, regardless of the outcome! So why don’t bookmakers have a problem with arb? You see there are two main components that contribute to the debut of arbitrage, one is the bookmakers distinction. According to some studies, arbitrage ops do occur because of the fact that most bookmakers who do not possess the expertise needed, or the resources nor the knowledge to follow the event, often tend to wait for the leaders of the pack to establish the market before adjusting their own odds.

And as with everything else in life, bookmakers are individuals and as individuals they have their own opinions and views on arbitrage and how it is used. Some of them even try to be even more attractive by offering above-average odds, in turn increasing the possibilities for arb betting. The second factor that triggers the occurrence of sports arbitrage betting is the so-called bookmaker hedging. This term refers to a situation where the bookmaker seeks a hedge against the could be loss, thus creating arbitrage! In today’s sports, arb betting is very popular, in fact it is readily accessible to people because of the Internet alone. However, before you get any smart ideas about this, there are some small barriers that prevent everyone from being successful! It still takes determination, patience, capital and organizational skills to make consistent profits!

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