What do you look for in a swimsuit? Is it the size? Is it the color? There are various swimsuit designs you will find at stores. It will help if you know your body and the purpose for which you are buying one.

A swimsuit is a clothing item designed to be worn during water-based activities and sports. Based on their designs, there are various swimsuit types including bikinis, tankinis, one-pieces and so on. Bikinis are one of the most common swimsuits, available either as a one-piece or two-piece. You can wear them while swimming, surfing, scuba-diving and sports like beach volley-ball and even during summer season. Bikinis are the most baring of all the swimsuit designs and they are mostly preferred by women who dare to bare.

Tankinis has the portion between the bra and the panty in the tank shape, offering cover for the upper part of the body which is revealed in case of bikinis. If you are not comfortable revealing your belly, this should be your choice. One-piece swimsuits are known to provide the most cover up amongst swimsuit designs. As the name suggests, a one-piece swimsuit is a single piece clothing typically covering the whole torso.

You can buy swimsuit for different purposes, usually for water-based activities and sports. There are hundreds of swimsuit designers and brands that bring thousands of swimsuit designs, colors, fabrics and so on, giving you a humongous collection to choose from. Some offer to hide and some to reveal your skin, therefore, it could get tricky if you have no prior decision made before hitting the store.

A lot of factors could impact your decision making while picking your swimsuit, but a simple and straightforward approach would be to know your body well and the purpose or occasion or event you want the swimsuit for. Before you go to the store, take a good look into the mirror first. Notice each curve on your body and see if there is any part (flabs if there are) you want to hide. If there are, keep them in mind while visiting the store.

Shopping for swimsuit could also be determined by the event or occasion or location you are wearing it at. By wearing the appropriate swimsuit, you can enjoy your time and get attention if you want. If you are buying one for the beach, think ahead and check out the beach activities you could probably get involved in. You could wear any swimsuit design if you are not keen on playing any sports, but if you are, you should go for one that will give the most support.

If you want a swimsuit for a sport like swimming, style shouldn’t be your criteria of choosing your swimsuit. One-piece swimsuits are ideal for such sport. For the material, you could opt for swimsuits that have more lycra or spandex to ensure that your swimsuit stays in place. This is important because there are lots of physical movement in the water and with the water against your body, it gets hard to tell when or not your clothing is on the right place.

For a lounging time by the pool or at the beach only to tan your body, you want to go for the one that doesn’t cover too much so more of your skin is exposed to the sun. If you want one for a theme party, decide also, if you want to go in to the water or just party outside by the pool. Accordingly, you can select the type and material of the swimsuit.

Knowing the purpose for which you want your swimsuit helps you much while shopping for it. With the knowledge you can visit a well known swimsuit store in your neighborhood or go online for even more choice. The Internet offers you hundreds of swimwear stores from where you can get all the designs, sizes, colors, materials etc., under the sun. You can choose from various designers like Luli Fama, Love True Love, Sunsets, Diva, ABS or a Trina Turk swimwear.

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