A Short Briefing Of The Triple Jump History

The athletic triple jump is known as the most athletically event in track and field. A person will start running down the runway and as if by magic makes a long jump that sometimes looks as though they are flying through the air and landing in the sandpit. The triple jump history made its mark thousands of years ago when it was first introduced in the Tailteann games which took place in Scotland in 1829 BCE.

Among the ancient Irish and Greeks this event gained a lot of popularity. It was during its time in ancient Greece that this hop, step and jump became quite an sport attraction. The athlete would prepare with 3 long jumps and then one long jump right onto a sandpit.

During the year of 1896 this jump was put into the modern Olympics and it adopted a technique of only 2 hops and one long jump. The hop, hop and jump would be a practiced routine that would stay as a method used during that time period.

A more modern version of this athletic event made its way to the Olympics and was known as hop, step and jump. This newer technique would redefine the event as an athlete would jump and land down on the leg he or she took off from. This technique would stay as part of the athletes performance of this jump well into the present time.

Towards the end of the inaugural Olympics was when the first medal for this event was earned back in 1896. It was performed by using the two hops and one jump routine, but right after that the modern version came along and would stay as the commonly used method in this sporting event.

It is quite necessary for an athlete to know the knowledge and skills towards this event which makes this such a specialized event when in competition. In regard to track and field this has become one of popular and anticipated competitive sports events in the history of this jump and shall remain that way far into the future of athletic track and field competition.

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